Sispara ~ Children's size

$65 $145

Our famous Sispara made into an enchanting children's size. This hat is sustainably made, organic straw, scalloped brimmed detail that is a must-have for the seasons!

The children's Sispara comes with two different ribbon choices,  lush noir silk, and pearl silk. You can purchase both color options for a small additional cost. 

Each Sispara will slightly vary due to the fact that each is handmade with precision and detail just for you!

The Hat is made for ages between 1.5-9 years, there is an adjustable string inside of the sweatband so your child can grow into the hat for years! 

This is a great hat for a baby shower gift or birthday! It looks very cute hanging on a wall for decoration. Also pairs every well with an Adult size hat to have a Mommy matching hat ! 


~ Made From Woven Palm 

~ Adjustable Sweatband and Ribbon Tie  

~ Approximate 4" Brim

~ 53cm SMALL 

~ Pearl or Noir ribbon - 100% silk

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